Thursday, October 29, 2009

Everybody know about karma rite? In the dictionary, the word 'karma' means if u do somethin', u will it back.. If its bad u will be pay bad.. But if its gud, u will be pay gud.. Wat goes around, comes around.. So dear viewers plez be ready to face the consequences.. Plez remember Allah.. And when u did somethin to people that wud make that person feelings hurt.. Plez say sory.. Allah love someone when he or she seek for forgiveness.. Try it k.. and we know wat happened 2 'malin kundang rite' we want that happen 2 us? Jus ask urself dear viewers.. Plez.. we r at the end of the world already.. If u guy dont seek forgiveness.. I dont know wat will happen to u guys.. Hmm.. So plez veiwers.. Renung2knlah dan tanye diri anda ape yg akan tejadi pd anda lps nie.. Dunia hampir ke penghujung.. Ingat karma itu wujud.. ape komen anda? prepared by- bob

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