Tuesday, November 3, 2009

British parliamentary debate structure and format..

There will be 4 team that will be debate in this parliamentary debate style..govt side- 1)opening govt 2)closing govt, opposition side- 1)opening opp 2)closing opp.. 1 team consist of 2 person.. and only 1 team will win.. Closing govt wit opening govt is not friends same goes to opening and closing opp..REMEMBER!!!!! each team must bring up a different stand!!!

Time for speakers;-
Opening govt-1st s-8 min
-2nd s-7 min
Closing govt-ext s-7 min
-4th s-7 min
Opening opp-1st s-8 min
-2nd s-7 min
Closing opp-ext s-7 min
-4th s-7 min

*ext s=extension speaker

speakers role;-

opening govt
1st speaker;-
1} greeting
2} stand
3} team split-from 1st until 4th although you compete with them
4} definition
5} statusquo
6} mechanism/solution-if its a mechanism debate
7} ONE point
8} sum up your speech
9} conclude

2nd speaker-opening govt
1} greeting
2} repeat stand
3} rebut 1st speaker opp
4} TWO point
5} sum up your speech and your 1st point
6} conclude

To be continue.. Hehe

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